Virginia Beach Police Racially Profile Black Man

‼WARNING There is some language that SOME may find offensive, but completely justified. ‼

The Virginia Beach Police Department shows us yet again that they are under trained, and arrest happy.

They racially profiled this man , and cuffed him mid-bite as he was enjoying a meal in front of his family. We don’t know what the new Chief is doing, because he has YET to contact us…. But this ain’t it. City of Virginia Beach council still doesn’t speak out about this abusive tyrant of a law enforcement agency.

The complainants are piling up, and time is UP. This took place in Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach – Yes Pharrell is from Virginia Beach – No he does not speak out about these injustices… But yes… There is certainly #SomethinginTheWater

via The person recording – “Trying to enjoy a meal with my #family in the mall but Virginia Beach #police out here arresting people for being #black with #dreads I was so scared this was gonna end differently smh”

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